It's time.  In fact, there is no better time than now. We have more knowledge, more resources and more OPPORTUNITIES than ever in the history of Rotary. NOW is the time to take ACTION!  Who must take action? WE must take action.  WE the District, WE the Club, WE the Rotarian. What kind of ACTION?  

Last week, my newly moved-in neighbor came across the street and introduced himself.  We chatted for a while about neighborhood things... about neighborly things... and then he asked... "Do you know if there are any service organizations around here"? 
Say what!!?? He beat ME to the question!  Shame on me.
Folks, there are members of our community who are looking for ways to give back.  
I was having coffee with a business associate a few months back.  During our conversation he spoke of how he and a few other business folks in his community were looking for ways to help their town.  Guess what WE talked about for the next 20 minutes ... :)
We are putting together a team to help our clubs and our members learn how to better Grow their Rotary. 
In addition, we have put together a presentation to offer to all clubs during their regular meeting that discusses: The State of Membership, Types of Membership and ideas on how to build membership.  Let's work together to spread the news of Rotary... to share the Opportunity of Rotary with all who wish to have a hand in making their world a better place.
Reach out to me to join the team or to schedule a club presentation.  I can't wait to see what we can do together!!
Yours in Rotary Service
John Anthony
Past District Governor
Membership Chair
District 7390