The Council on Resolutions of Rotary International met online from 15 October to 15 November 2020. In accordance with section 9.150.1. of the RI Bylaws, I am issuing this report on the actions taken by the Council. 30 resolutions and one enactment were transmitted to the Council. The Council adopted 11 resolutions and the enactment. Of the resolutions, nine were recommendations to the RI Board and two were recommendations to The Rotary Foundation Trustees. The Board and the Trustees will consider the resolutions at their upcoming meetings. The enactment will take effect in one month. At the end of this report is an Opposition to Legislation Report Form. In accordance with section of the RI Bylaws, any club may use this form to record its opposition to the adopted enactment only. Oppositions may not be submitted on resolutions. Completed forms must reach Council Services by 23 December 2020. Please note that a club should complete and return the form at the end of this report only if it wishes to oppose the adoption of enactment 20E-01. If a club does not wish to oppose the action of the 2020 Council on Resolutions, no action is required. While it is rare, if the required number of votes in opposition are filed regarding the enactment, the item will be considered suspended. A ballot of all Rotary clubs will then be conducted according to the provisions of section 9.150. of the RI Bylaws. Based on the results of the ballot, the suspended item will either be nullified or reinstated. Should you have any questions about the Council on Resolutions or the adopted items, please contact Council Services at The deadline for submitting resolutions to the next Council on Resolutions is 30 June 2021.

Sarah Christensen Supervisor, Council Services Rotary InternaƟonal
Hector OrƟz COL RepresentaƟve 2020-2023 (D7390)