Youth Exchange - Donate Today!
Why should I donate to Rotary Youth Exchange?  Through supporting Rotary Youth Exchange, you foster transformative experiences that last a lifetime. Today’s exchange students are tomorrow’s change makers: diplomats; thought leaders; influencers in the international business and nonprofit communities. Every new Rotary Youth Exchange Ambassador is an individual primed to help build a more just and peaceful world.

And the impact doesn’t stop with the students. Host families’ lives are transformed by students from across the globe and host communities gain greater cultural diversity.


There are 2 different ways to donate to the Rotary Youth Exchange program.

  1. You can donate to the Art Loeffel fund where funds are sent to ESSEX (Eastern State Student Exchange) to cover the District 7390 Inbound and Outbound program participation fees. 
  2. You can donate to the Service Above Self Project at Mount Asbury.  

Art Loeffel Fund

The Art Loeffel fund was established in 1987 after Mr. Loeffel passed away. He was a rare individual - he made a difference. For years, Art was the force....the shepherd....behind the highly successful Rotary Youth Exchange program of the Rotary Club of York and Rotary District 7390. Once you got beyond his imposing appearance and European accent, there was a man of sterling silver. Scores of teenagers, both in York and around the world, came to know him affectionately as "Uncle Art". Art believed world peace was not a dream; that it was attainable. Peace begins with understanding. Understanding begins with Youth. What better way to peace, he would reason, than to have students from other countries visit his beloved adopted land, the United States. What better way for American students to find out about the world than to travel to other countries? The Youth Exchange program was his passion. You could not meet him on the street or in a store that the subject did not get around to "his kids". He enjoyed - thrived on- the entire Youth program. He made a difference in the world. 
You can donate to the Art Loeffel Fund (Checks should be made payable to York County Community Foundation and earmarked Art Loeffel Fund. The checks should be mailed to YCCF at 14 West Market Street, York, PA 17401.)

Service Above Self Project

Students engage in an annual service project targeted toward helping homeless individuals and families in the surrounding area. Donations support the purchase of items to create welcome boxes at homeless shelters. Items include small toiletries, stationary, bandaids, pens, flashlight, and other small items.
To make a donation, please mail Checks to Rotary District 7390 (515 South George Street, York, PA 17401). Check should be made payable to Rotary District 7390 YEP and earmarked for the Youth Exchange Service Above Self Project.