Speakers Bureau
Is your Club looking for a speaker? Below is a list of speakers that have been recommended by Clubs in District 7390. 
Speaker Name:       Bill Tobin
Topic Title:              ShelterBox
Topic Description:   ShelterBox is Rotary International’s Project Partner for disaster
relief and was founded by a Rotary Club in the year 2000. ShelterBox has responded to over 300 disasters in 100 countries providing shelter and life-saving aid to over 1.5 million people. ShelterBox has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018 and 2019 for helping families displaced by conflict. This on-line presentation covers ShelterBox origins as a Rotary Club’s project, major responses of the past 20 years, how Rotarians around the world partner in our efforts, plus a deeper dive into the current global pandemic why shelter is critical for refugees and what ShelterBox and Rotary are doing to help refugee families prevent the spread of the corona virus. The program is 20-25 min (can edited for time). It is accompanied by a PowerPoint slide deck.
Phone:                    916-616-6973
Email:                     btobin@shelterboxusa.org
Speaker Name:         Chad Forcey
Topic Title:                 Renewable Energy
Topic Description:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ4Iyesy8eyOLp-8QX_Lkvw
Phone:                        717-645-9055
Email:                         chad.forcey@penncef.org
Speaker Name:         Bryan Majors
Topic Title:                 Training For Triumph -  The Power of Preparation, Leadership & Character Development
Topic Description:   This presentation teaches principles to help magnify one's excellence, through preparation, leadership & character development. The presentation is high impact, engaging, and designed to motivate, educate & inspire the audience. 
Phone:                        717-623-0447
Email:                         bookbryanmajors@gmail.com
Website:                    www.trainingfortriumph.com
Speaker Name:       Michael Hanes, Ph.D.
Topic Title:              Expedition Chesapeake, A Journey of Discovery
Topic Description:  A behind the scenes perspective from a former Rotarian and Paul Harris fellow who was the senior executive producer in the making of a giant screen film for IMAX theaters.  The film focuses on the critical importance of freshwater, promoting healthy watersheds and protecting fragile estuaries.  The documentary film features iconic animal species and dedicated scientists with stunning cinematography captured around the Chesapeake Bay and throughout the 64,000 square miles of the watershed. Rotary Clubs can arrange with Whitaker Center in Harrisburg for members as well as students in their service area to view the film online either before or after the presentation.  When this program was offered by the Rotary Club of Harrisburg, over 100 members and more than 600 school students participated via a zoom meeting and viewed the film online.  The meeting program is 15 to 20 minutes in length and includes a PowerPoint presentation.
Phone:                      717-395-0017
Email:                       mhanes@expeditionchesapeake.com
Speaker Name:         Bob Saline
Topic Title:                 Rotary Message Development and Management
Topic Description:    Developing messages about Rotary International and your Club starts from strategy.  I’ll discuss what a strategy really is, how to shape messages to benefit your Club and Rotary in general.  How to use Rotary’s Brand Central. We’ll spend some time discussing how to manage the messages at your Club level, with your Club associates, with various media and the general public.
Phone:                        717-580-8162
Email:                         bsaline@prworksinc.com
Speaker Name:       Meg Ramey, PhD (Foundation & Executive Director, WorldKind Journeys) www.worldkindjournes.com
Topic Title:               “Hop on the Bus”
Topic Description:   I’d like to speak about our “Hop on the Bus” District Grant project that our Harrisburg Keystone Club is doing in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Sinkor (Liberia) and several non-profit groups in Liberia to promote basic education around Monrovia, Liberia. We’re looking for other clubs in the district who would be willing to partner with us on this project, so if you know of any of the clubs that don’t typically use their district funds, we’d love to tell them about our upcoming project and invite them to “Hop on the Bus” with us.
Topic Title:                 Travel in a Post-Covid World   
Topic Description:    In a post-Covid world that again allows for international movement, what kind of health and safety precauctions should you consider while traveling? Are there ways to enjoy long-distance traveling while also being a responsible global citizen who cares about the environment? Finally, how can travel be a medium through which we unite together to produce a kinder and more inclusive world?
Phone:                        717-571-5770
Email:                         meg@worldkindjourneys.com
Speaker Name:         Dave Getz
Topic Title:                 Winning the Fight Against Polio
Topic Description:   This presentation will discus 7 questions and answers about Rotary’s involvement in the fight to eradicate polio.
Phone:                        717.234.4182 x. 106 
Email:                         dgetz@wwwpalaw.com
Speaker Name:        Dalsher Singh
Topic Title:                A Brief introduction to the Sikh Faith
Topic Description:   A quick overview of the Sikh faith, including the basic tenants, history of Sikhs in the US, and current Sikh community in Central Pennsylvania.
Phone:                       570-765-5755
Email:                        dalsher.nagra@gmail.com
Speaker Name:        Deborah Stambaugh
Topic Title:                Hanover Area Post Polio Support Group
Topic Description:   Representing the Pa Polio Survivors Network Team Central Pa. Coordinator 
Phone:                        717-969-5049
Email:                         papolionetwork3@gmail.com
Speaker Name:       John Kramb
Topic Title:               Global Grant & National Immunization day trip to India
Email:                        pdgjohn2015@gmail.com
Speaker Name:       John Kramb
Topic Title:               Rotary Foundation Overview
Email:                        pdgjohn2015@gmail.com
Speaker Name:       John Kramb
Topic Title:               Rotary Fellowships
Email:                       pdgjohn2015@gmail.com
Speaker Name:       Joe Arthur, Executive Director
Topic Title:               Central Pennsylvania Food Bank
Phone:                       717-547-6264
Email:                        swarddiorio@centralpafoodbank.org
Speaker Name:        Kevin Engle
Topic Title:                Ten Tips to Growing Rotary
Topic Description:   Membership
Phone:                        717-468-0906 (please leave message)
Email:                         klengle@gmail.com
Speaker Name:       Kevin Schreiber
Topic Title:               York County Economic Alliance
Phone:                       717-771-4573
Email:                        Kevin@yceapa.org
Speaker Name:       Rick Coplen
Topic Title:               Rotary Veterans Initiative (RVI)
Topic Description:   https://www.facebook.com/RotaryVeteransInitiative. The Rotary Veterans Initiative (RVI) strengthens our Central PA communities by supporting local veteran education, training, and job search opportunities.  RVI’s mission and motivation spring from two timeless Abraham Lincoln quotes, ‘to care for him who shall have borne the battle’ and ‘Upon the subject of education … I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we as a people can be engaged in.
Phone:                       703-786-7181
Email:                         rickcoplen@gmail.com
Speaker Name:       Sara Gray-Bradley
Topic Title:               Cornerstone Youth Home
Topic Description:   This is a power point presentation about the inception of
Cornerstone. They will service children who are suffering in school due to unstable home conditions, specifically, homelessness. Sara overviews the homeless situation throughout York county and the various school districts. Cornerstone will be providing shelter, food, clothing, transportation to and from school throughout the week, while maintaining the family relationship. They will work with the family to overcome the obstacles that have created the homelessness with the intent of moving the whole family back to a sustainable life style. Sara's presentation is based on data, and delivered with passion.
Phone:                       717-858-6223
Email:                        sbradley@cassd.org
Speaker Name:        Scott Stevens
Topic Title:                 SBA Lending & Main Street MBA
Topic Description:   How do locally owned businesses sell to new owners
Phone:                        717-979-1599
Email:                         sstevens@44businesscapital.com
Speaker Name:        Justin Villere
Topic Title:                Drawing PA's Voting Lines in 2021: Gerrymandering 101
Topic Description:   Are you worried about the rise of hyper-partisanship in American politics? Dismayed by dysfunction in Washington and Harrisburg, unable to pass legislation that even the vast majority of people support? One of the primary causes is gerrymandering, which is the common practice of drawing election maps in a way that distorts district lines to favor one political party or set of candidates. Hear from Draw the Lines PA, which is a nonpartisan, nonprofit project that aims to engage Pennsylvania's voters in understanding how it undermines our democracy. In preparation for when election maps are drawn again in 2021, DTL is helping everyday citizens take back this power. 
Phone:                        719-651-1188
Email:                         jvillere@seventy.org
Speaker Name:        Robin Lathroum
Topic Title:                Glory Bound Ministries (non-profit)
Topic Description:   A program that addresses the work my colleagues and I have been doing in Uganda for the past three and a half years.  Winnie Otema and a group of ten women have learned a variety of artisanal trade skills including the making of soap, quilts, handmade journals, tote bags, backpacks, purses and women and children's clothing.  As a direct result of the sustainability of their work, they now contribute to the financial welfare of their families. Our goal is to develop this work by opening a craft training center and broaden the scope of students to benefit from this endeavor.
Phone:                        717-448-7992
Speaker Name:        Justin Eberly
Topic Title:                EMS Services
Topic Description:  EMS services and the need for them, the struggles they face and how COVID has impacted them. 
Contact:                    justin.eberly@gmail.com 
Speaker Name:      Gary Crissman
Topic Title:               RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
Contact:                   717-576-6113 or ghcrissman@verizon.net
Speaker Name:      Charlene White, Executive Director, Mechanicsburg Learning Center
Topic Title:               Mechanicsburg Learning Center
Topic Description:  We provide before and after school care for elementary students in Mechanicsburg School District, East Pennsboro School District and 2 elementary schools in Northern York County SD (Dillsburg and South Mountain). We also have a child care program located at St. Paul's UCC in Mechanicsburg. In addition, during the summer we run a full day, 5 days a week, summer camp program for children ages 5-12. MLC has been in the community providing these services for over 40 years. 
We currently have 25 employees.  Prior to COVID we had 45. 
Contact:                   717-766-2439, 717-315-7922 or cwhite@mlckids.org
Speaker Name:      Rob Altenburg, Director of Energy Center for Penn Future
Topic Title:               Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group (ESRAG)
Topic Description:  Clean and renewable energy, our energy grid, air pollution, and climate change
Contact:                   717-214-7933 or altenburg@pennfuture.org
Speaker Name:       VisionCorps
Topic Title:              Services for Children and Adults with Low Vision
Topic Description:   VisionCorps provide free services including:  education and prevention of blindness services, rehabilitation, and employment to individuals. The programs can be individualized based on the needs of the group to include information on vision problems, living with low vision, employing people with low vision, and tips for living independently with blindness or low vision. VisionCorps provides programs and services to clients in Lancaster, Adams, Chester, Lebanon, and York counties.
Phone:                   717-205-4116
Email:                    lconyers@visioncorps.net
Speaker Name:       Diana Thomas
Topic Title:               A year on the river
Topic Description:  Local artist, Diana Thomas, presents the artistic life lessons learned while embarking on a personal commitment to paint a scene from the Susquehanna River every week for an entire year. Diana credits this unusual work with being instrumental in helping her navigate troubled waters, including the tragic deaths of her daughter and her daughter's mate to heroine addiction during that year. Everything about her presentation is applicable in daily life, from the artist's painting technique, to finding focus, setting goals, commitment, riding the rapids, and the river's continuous flow. This PowerPoint presentation is 30 minutes long.
Phone:                       717-917-2058
Email:                         thmsdzynz@comcast.net
Speaker Name:       Juliet Altenburg RN, MSN
Topic Title:              COVID-19 Safety Considerations for Rotary Clubs  
Topic Description:   As a nurse and Chair of the District 7390 Safety Committee, Juliet will share with clubs the latest status of the COVID-19 pandemic locally and nationally and important considerations clubs should keep in mind as they plan in-person activities together. Juliet is willing to gear the time of her presentation to the needs of the club whether it is a 5 minute update or longer PowerPoint Presentation.
Phone:                       717-574-9499
Email:                         DGJuliet2022@qrpc.com
Speaker Name:      Scott Reichenbach
Topic Title:              Hope Walks - Freedom from Clubfoot
Topic Description:   www.hopewalks.org
Phone:                       717-502-4400
Email:                         scott@hopewalks.org
Speaker Name:      Rick Azzaro, CEO
Topic Title:              Voce Together
Topic Description:   Voce-Family Design Resources (www.familydesign.org)
Phone:                       717-487-0507
Email:                       razzaro@vocetogether.org
Speaker Name:      Janice Black and Jennifer Doyle
Topic Title:              Community Foundations
Topic Description:  We can do several different topics: Services to support nonprofit organizations, Planned giving, charitable giving- which can be broad or specific depending on needs of the group, corporate social responsibility, Early education, the Fund for Women & Girls
All of our discussions would include an overview of what a community foundation is, what is TFEC, and what we are able to provide based on the chosen topic as the local community foundation serving this area
Phone:                       717-236-5040
Email:                      jblack@tfec.org and jdoyle@tfec.org
Topic Title:              Rotaplast
Topic Description:   Corrective surgery for children with cleft lip/palate
Phone:                      484-343-8560
Email:                       rotarian.paul@outlook.com
Speaker Name:      Dr. Campbell Plowden (Ph.D. in Ecology from Penn State University, 2001), Founder, President and Executive Director of the non-profit Center for Amazon Community Ecology.  For more info about CACE, visit; http://www.AmazonAlive.net
Topic Title:              Empowering artisans, conserving forests and strengthening communities in the Peruvian Amazon
Topic Description: Dr. Campbell Plowden has been working to promote forest conservation of tropical forests and empower its traditional communities for 35 years.  He will briefly describe the causes, consequences and common approaches to halt deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.  His talk will focus on describing how and why the Center for Amazon Community works to create sustainable livelihoods for families, conserve forests and strengthen traditional communities in the Peruvian Amazon.  Dr. Plowden will share how CACE empowers artisans by helping them to create innovative fair-trade handcrafts, increase the supply of plants used to make crafts, better market their crafts to tourists and wholesale buyers, and improve health, education, cooperation and conservation in their communities.  CACE has also delivered several rounds of food and medicines to its partner communities in Peru to help them cope with health and economic impacts of the COVID pandemic.  Dr. Plowden will conclude his talk by presenting specific ways interested people can support these efforts.   
Phone:                     814-380-1959
Email:                      cplowden@comcast.net
Speaker Name:      Megan Tomsheck
Topic Title:              Vision Corps (www.visioncorps.net)
Topic Description:   Vision Corps empowers individuals with vision loss to attain independence in Adams, Chester, Lancaster, Lebanon and York Counties
Phone:                      717-291-5951
Email:                       megan@visioncorps.net
Speaker Name:      Bryan Wade
Topic Title:              Keystones: African American Veterans’ Experience
Topic Description:   Bryan has developed a 13 part Oral History of African-Americans of York County beginning with African-American Veterans, and in conjunction with York College and Dr. Roland-Washington, a curriculum for grades K-12. (https://development.keystonesoralhistory.com/blog/)
Phone:                      717-601-9314
Email:                       therightword360@gmail.com