President Elect Training
Congratulations on being elected by your Club to serve as Club President! There are two trainings that you need to attend: District Training Assembly/Pre-PETS and PETS (President Elect Training Seminar).
Rotary Listens Leadership Summit (District Training Assembly) & Pre-PETS will be held Saturday, February 15 at the Messiah College (One College Ave, Mechanicsburg, PA). The cost is $30 per Rotarian to attend, however, President-Elects attend the entire day for FREE! You will still need to register by emailing The day will last from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. You will receive your presidents manual at this summit. Click here for more information. 
PETS (President-Elect Training Session) will be held Friday, February 28 through Saturday, February 29 at the Valley Forge Casino Resort (1160 First Avenue, King of Prussia, PA). There are optional classes that you can attend on Thursday, February 27. Please keep in mind that PRESIDENT-ELECT TRAINING (PETS) is MANDATORY!  Please bring your Presidents Manual along with you. All President-Elects MUST register for PETS on the Mid-Atlantic PETS website. Your registration fee has already been paid by the District, however you will be responsible for the cost of your hotel room.  Please call the Valley Forge Casino Resort to make your hotel reservation. The number is 1-610-337-2000. Tell the hotel you are with Rotary MAPETS to receive the discounted rate of $119 per night. The PETS block of rooms will be held until January 29, 2020. Please make your hotel reservation prior to that date. 
About PETS:                                                                                                                          
The following paragraphs are excerpts from various RI publications, including the 2016 RI "Manual of Procedure."
A PETS, which may be a multidistrict PETS, shall take place for the purpose of orientation and training of club presidents-elect in the district as determined by the board. The PETS shall be held annually, preferably in February or March. The governor-elect shall be responsible for the PETS. The PETS shall be planned and conducted under the direction and supervision of the governors-elect. 2013 RI Constitution – Section 15.030
The president-elect shall attend the district presidents-elect training seminar and the district training assembly unless excused by the governor-elect. If so excused, the president-elect shall send a designated club representative who shall report back to the president-elect. If the president-elect does not attend the presidents-elect training seminar and the district training assembly and has not been excused by the governor-elect or, if so excused, does not send a designated club representative to such meetings, the president-elect shall not be able to serve as club president. In such event, the current president shall continue to serve until a successor who has attended a president-elect-training-seminar and district training assembly or training deemed sufficient by the governor-elect has been duly elected. - 2013 Manual of Procedure – Article 10 Section 5(c) – 2010 Part 4, Section 5, Page 204
The Presidents-elect Training Seminars (PETS) are informational programs that are planned and conducted by the district trainer under the direction and supervision of the governor-elect as provided in PETs Leaders Guide 2012. Its purpose is to develop club presidents who have the necessary skills, knowledge, and motivation to:
  • Sustain and / or grow their club's membership base;
  • Implement successful projects that address the needs of their communities and communities in other countries
  • Support The Rotary Foundation through both financial contributions and program participation;
  • Develop leaders capable of serving in Rotary beyond the club level.
      - PETS Leaders Guide 2012
To achieve the stated purpose of the program, the following components and learning objectives will be included in the PETS.
  • Planning Your Year
  • Running Meetings
  • Leading Rotarians
  • Engaging Your Members
  • Running Your Club

    - PETS Leaders’ Guide 2012
Participants attending the PETS should include the governor-elect, assistant governors, the district trainer, and all incoming club presidents in the district. It is recommended that the expenses of the incoming club presidents be paid by the clubs or the district.
Assistant governors shall assist the governor with promoting attendance among the presidents-elect to whose clubs they are assigned and team-building among the presidents-elect, governors-elect and themselves. - Manual of Procedure - 2013