Rotary District 7390 is dedicated to recognizing all Rotarians, Non-Rotarians and Spouses that exhibit "Service Above Self". Please read through the list of awards available from District 7390 and from Rotary International. District 7390 Award Chair, PDG John May, is available to answer any questions regarding awards. 
Rotary International Awards
To view all awards available from Rotary International - click here
District 7390 Awards
2023-2024 Best Club Awards
The purpose of the District 7390 “Best Club” Awards is to encourage Clubs to aggressively pursue excellence through friendly competition with like sized clubs.
To encourage participation there are 6 Club size categories, based upon the membership reported on the June 30, 2023 Semi-Annual Report. The Club’s category will not change throughout the Rotary year even if its membership rises or declines. Any new Clubs will be assigned based upon the number of charter members. The 2023-2024 categories are:
            Extra Small                   Less than 15 members
            Small                           16 to 25 members
            Medium                        26 to 35 members
            Large                           36 to 45 members
            Extra Large                   46 to 85 members
            Extraordinary                86 or more members
Clubs will track their own accomplishments through June 30, 2024 on the Report Form and submit it to the District Office by September 1, 2024.
District Governor's Citation
The 2023-2024 RI Presidential theme is CREATE HOPE IN THE WORLD.  District Governor Citations for Meritorious Service will be given to clubs who showed evidence of trying new initiatives and considering ways to advance Rotary’s Strategic Priorities. Click here for the reporting form. Completed forms are due to the District Office by July 31, 2024.
District 7390 Outstanding Service Award
This award was developed to recognize a Rotarian in the District that has served in a District leadership role or done dynamic, innovative work on a District Committee for three or more years. Their leadership can have been as Lane Chair/Counselor, Committee Chair, Assistant Governor, Area Foundation Coordinator, Area Membership Coordinator, or as a particularly outstanding committee or sub-committee member. The Rotarian must have crafted or contributed to a well-developed strategy (ends, ways, and means) to achieve particular District goals. In the view of the DG and DLT the Rotarian must have achieved these goals thus making D7390 a stronger, better District in line with the District vision, mission and RI goals. ​The nominee cannot be a member of the current DLT. The award will be determined by the DG with the advice and counsel of the DLT (DG, IPDG, DGE, DGN and DGND). This award can only be given to one person per year and will be presented at the District Conference. 
District 7390 Buzz Coho Lifetime Achievement Award
This award was developed to honor long-time D7390 Rotarian Ralph W. (Buzz) Coho. To receive this award, you must be a member of Rotary for at least 25 years and demonstrate effective work at the Club, District, and possibly zone/RI levels (not required but a plus). The award will be determined by the DG with the advice and counsel of the DLT (DG, IPDG, DGE, DGN and DGND). This award can only be given to one person per year and each awardee may only receive it one time. 
District 7390 Dogged Pursuit Award
The District 7390 dogged pursuit award was invented by PDG John Judson in 2014-15 to recognize Rotarians who are so passionate about their Rotary duties that they “doggedly pursue” you to grow attendance or get people involved.
District 7390 Hall of Honor
Service Above Self Award
1995-96              Dr. Phillip L. Fromm (Millersburg)
2001-02              PDG Dr. Albert A. Alley (Lebanon)
2004-05              PDG Connie Spark (York-East)
2004-05              Carolyn Peters (Manheim)
2006-07              Dr. Robert A. McClenathan (Lancaster)
2007-08              PDG Steve Messner (Perry County)
2007-08              Peg Sennett (Hanover)
2010-11              Robert Davis (York)
2010-11              PDG Daniel Bronson (Lititz)
2013-14              Charles Stoup (Carlisle)
2014-15              PDG Thomas S. Davis (Hershey)
2015-16              Amy L.R. Spotts (Mechanicsburg-North)
2016-17              PDG John P. Judson (Harrisburg)
2017-18              Joseph Rebman (Elizabethtown)
2018-19              William Cluley (Lancaster-Sunrise)
2019-20              Jess Socrates (Hanover)
2021-22              Kathleen Stoup (Carlisle)
2003-04 Ralph (Buzz) W. Coho Jr. (Lancaster-Northeast)
2005-06 PDG Paul C. Dunkelberger (Lebanon)
2010-11 PDG Allen D. Smith (Harrisburg-Keystone)
2012-13 PDG Ann S. Keim (Paradise)
2013-14 PDG Charles L. Cenkner (Colonial Park)
2014-15 PDG Edward Jaeger (Lancaster-Hempfield)
2015-16  PDG Thomas S. Davis (Hershey)
2017-18 PDG Albert Alley (Lebanon)
2018-19 PDG Richard H. Brown (York)
2019-20 PDG Benjamin A. Hoover (York)
2020-21 PDG Kenneth Roberts (Lancaster-Sunrise)
2021-22 PDG Connie M. Spark (York-East)
2022-23 Robert McClenathan (Lancaster)
2023-24 Linda R. Spotts (Susquehanna Township)
2013-14 PDG Kenneth W. Roberts (Lancaster-Sunrise)
2014-15 Gary Crissman (Colonial Park)
2015-16 Stephen H. Klunk (York)
2017-18 Linda R. Spotts (Susquehanna Township)
2018-19 PDG Hector R. Ortiz (Harrisburg-Keystone)
2019-20 Edward Hauck (Lancaster)
2020-21 PDG Una S. Martone (Harrisburg)
2021-22 PDG Alden M. Cunningham (Carlisle)
2022-23 Nigel Foundling (Northern Lebanon County)
2023-24 Anna-Mae Kobbe (Gettysburg)
2014-15 PDG Kenneth W. Roberts (Lancaster-Sunrise)
2014-15 PDG Alden Cunningham (Carlisle)
2015-16 PDG John P. Judson (Harrisburg)
2016-17 PDG Connie M. Spark (York-East)
2017-18 Kathleen Stoup (Carlisle)
2018-19 Gary A Crissman (Colonial Park)
2019-20 Steven Grubb (Mechanicsburg-North)
2020-21 Rick Coplen (Carlisle)
2021-22 Jill Tenny (Harrisburg)
2022-23 Duke & Meg Ramey (Harrisburg-Keystone)
2023-24 Juliet Altenburg (Mechanicsburg-North)
The Rotary Foundation Hall of Honor
1974   PDG Dr. William C. Langston (York)
1974   Paul R. Shelly (York)
1975   PDG Harold A. Dunkelberger (Gettysburg)
1976   Aaron G. Breidenstine (Lancaster)
1983   PDG Henry C. Brown (Lancaster)
1983   PDG J. Paul Burkhart II (Carlisle)
1989   PDG Dr. Albert A. Alley (Lebanon)
1989   PDG Richard H. Witmer (Lancaster)
1990   PDG Jack H. Schofield (York-East)
1996   PDG Kenneth W. Roberts (Lancaster-Sunrise)
2004   PDG Richard H. Brown (York)
2005   PDG Charles L. Cenkner (Colonial Park)
2006   PDG Edward P. Jaeger (Lancaster-Hempfield)
2007   Mark Reilly (Mechanicsburg-North)
2008   George Connolly (West Shore)
2009   PDG Allen D. Smith (Harrisburg-Keystone)
2010   DG John P. Judson (Harrisburg)
2013   PDG Concetta M. Spark (York-East)
2015   PDG Benjamin A. Hoover II (York)
2016   Peg Sennett (Hanover)
2017   Robert McClenathan (Lancaster)
2019   Kathleen Stoup (Carlisle)
2022   PDG John Kramb (Gettysburg)
1976  Paul R. Shelly (York)
1977  PDG Dr. William C. Langston (York)
2003  PDG Dr. Albert A. Alley (Lebanon)
2011  PDG Charles L. Cenkner (Colonial Park)
2005  PDG J. Walter Dixon (Wrightsville)