The York East Rotary Club gave out Paul Harris Fellow Awards to 6 individuals who have demonstrated exceptional service and dedication to their communities. The award is named after Paul Harris, who founded the first Rotary Club in Chicago in 1905. It's a way for Rotary clubs to recognize individuals for their contributions to the club's goals of promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water, supporting education, and more. Rotary clubs typically award Paul Harris Fellowships to individuals who have made significant contributions, either through monetary donations or substantial volunteer efforts. These contributions might be directed towards local or global initiatives that align with Rotary's values and objectives.
The awards were given to Lydell Nunn, Wendy Keesee, Morry Hooper, Cher Condor, Dan Calloway and Randy Nauman. The Paul Harris Fellow recognition is a significant honor within the Rotary community and is accompanied by a certificate and a medallion. It signifies a person's commitment to the Rotary's motto of "Service Above Self" and their dedication to making positive changes in the world.
Pictured left to right:  Sandy Graham, Lydell Nunn, Wendy Keesee, Morry Hooper, Elizabeth Wolf