Posted by David Endy
Truckers have been working round the clock to keep our local businesses supplied and keep America moving. We wanted to thank them for this service by providing a hot breakfast on Good Friday. 
This was a total community effort.  We had 12 Rotarians participate and 10 non Rotarians who came out to volunteer.  We also had 14 businesses and organizations donate or support the project in some way.  All of the unused drinks and food were donated to the Ephrata Area Social Services food bank.  
The drivers we met were from Quebec, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Indiana.  Most of them had completed their deliveries and were heading off to Montreal, Virginia, Delaware, Florida and points unknown.  A couple from Georgia had left home the week before and had planned on being on the road for weeks.  By feeding these truckers in just 3-4 hours in Denver, PA, we definitely  did our part to keep America running. 
This project was the perfect representation of Rotary and living our motto of  "Service Above Self".  Rotary in known for bringing people together.  Through the unlikely collaboration of organizations and companies, this became a total community effort.  The Rotary Club used these new connections to seek donations.  By wearing our masks during this time of the virus, we basically served anonymously.  A true testimony to  "Service Above Self".
The following is a Facebook post we received:
I just wanted to drop you a note to say that your rotary is a real class act.  I am a truck driver from the Marietta area.  I wasn't there for your free breakfast but it really brought a tear to my eyes to know that you cared so much. Thank you from truck drivers everywhere.  This pandemic is horrible for everyone but maybe we needed this to allow us to reset and learn that taking care of one another is what really matters.