Disaster Relief Efforts
Update on our District goal to raise $50,000.00.
To date:         
Rotary Club of York - $18,000.00
Rotary Club of Carlisle & Carlisle Sunrise - $16,855.00
Rotary Club of Elizabethtown - $1,661.00
Rotary Club of Lancaster Sunrise - $5,000.00
BALANCE NEEDED - $8,484.00
How to make a donation to D7390 Disaster Relief Fund
Club and Individual Donations can be sent to the Carlisle Rotary Club Foundation, PO Box 301, Carlisle PA 17013. They are the central collection point for our district donations. Donors will receive a tax deductible letter of acknowledgement.
Funds collected for the District Fund will be sent to areas in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico that can be identified as low income with limited financial resources. Our goal is to be a good shepherd of donor funds, supporting specific identified needs/projects and not simply sending monies for unspecified use.
Organizations identified to receive funds from the D7390 Disaster Relief Fund
D5910 has been selected as a recipient of D7390 funds. Located in south-east Texas, D5910 has a Charitable Foundation to receive donations. Their first project for Hurricane Harvey was the purchase of children’s shoes – to replace wet, dirty, moldy or non-existent footwear. Current donations are being sent to 1) churches that have opened their doors to out-of-town volunteers who work on restoring homes, the donation will assist the churches with the cost of housing these volunteer groups, and 2) local clubs are forming their own disaster response teams to repair homes, donations will assist these clubs in the purchase of needed materials. 
Fuller Center Disaster Rebuilders has been selected as a recipient of D7390 funds. FCDR has set up a recovery site in the south-east area of Texas, establishing case management and volunteer housing, and providing leadership of volunteer work crews. They have made a three-year commitment to restore homes in this area.
Where have funds been distributed?
  • Rotary Club of York sent their $18,000.00 directly to the Rotary Club of Beaumont, Texas. Beaumont is in the center of an area hard hit by Hurricane Harvey.
  • The District Fund has sent $10,000.00 to Fuller Center Disaster Rebuilders; they have received two truckloads of drywall donated by Orphan Grain Train to begin repairs following the mucking of flooded homes. Our $10,000.00 donation is being used to set up the volunteer camp and to hire caseworkers and construction supervisors.
Has your club made donations directly to areas affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria?
If your club has made donations directly to these areas, please let us know. We would like to include your club in the district reports.
Goals set for Florida and Puerto Rico
As of this date the District Fund has not identified a recipient in Florida or Puerto Rico. Damage in Florida seems to be focused on clean-up and crisis counseling. In Puerto Rico, the continuing lack of water, sanitation, utilities and infrastructure is stalling any significant restoration work. If you have information regarding restoration efforts in either Florida or Puerto Rico, please send that lead to our District Committee.
D7390 Disaster Relief Committee: Bill Harkey, Carlisle Rotary, [email protected], 717-418-1141
Peg Sennett, Hanover Rotary, [email protected], 717-630-8281
Randy Sibert, Colonial Park Rotary, [email protected], 717-576-6115