As many of you know, Rotary International has a long history and a special relationship with the United Nations. Many Rotary members were instrumental in founding the organization and therefore we hold a unique status within it till this day. In past years it has been customary for Rotary International to organize a UN Day in which members from across the world can come together and observe the workings of this organization and our role in it. This has generally happened each November and was held in New York at the UN Headquarters. Unfortunately, Rotary is moving UN Day to one of the other main centers for the organization – Geneva, Switzerland. This is the second largest of the office centers for the UN and it is the hope of Rotary International that some of our European clubs and districts will participate. The event will take place on 11 November, 2017 and the theme this year will be Peace Making. We are unclear at this point whether Rotary will be moving back to New York in 2018 or go to one of the other two centers throughout the world. Once we receive information we will share that in future newsletters.