Help us construct a 40' Flagpole with a 8' x 12' American Flag and a "Welcome to Southern York County" Sign.

Sponsor a Star on the American Flag with a $200 donation.  The first 50 Star Sponsors will be recognized on a beautiful plaque to be posted around the community. Please provide your name, contact information, and/or the name of the person you'd like to honor in the comments or send an email to “” Thank You! 

With the recent construction at the Shrewsbury 83 Interchange, your local civic organizations are looking to install a 40' flagpole to fly the American Flag and a "Welcome to Southern York County" sign at the interchange.  We need your help in raising funds so we can make this dream a reality.  

The New Freedom Lions Club, New Freedom VFW Post 7012,  Shrewsbury Area Centennial Lions Club and Southern York County Rotary Club are working together to sponsor the new Shrewsbury Exit 4 Ramp on Interstate 83. We could use your support!

Current Project Needs:
1.  Welcome sign welcoming travelers to Southern York County (estimate $6k-$8k) 
2. 40’ flagpole with pole mounted lighting fixture (estimate $2.5k) 
3. American made USA and PA flags ($400)

Once construction on the interchange is complete, our organizations will work together to install the above items as well as provide perpetual upkeep of the interchange through basic maintenance and litter cleanup.

How You Can Help:
1. Donate to help us purchase the above mentioned project needs. Any amount helps. 
2. Sponsor a star on the American flag with a $200 donation. After the interchange is completed and all project items are installed we will host a ceremony honoring all Star Sponsors. 
3. Share our fundraiser! The more you share the more community members are able to help contribute to this project.

Show your civic pride and love for Southern York County! Make a donation in any amount to help us create a beautiful and welcoming entrance to Pennsylvania!

Thank you for your donation and your assistance!  If you are interested in learning more about our respective volunteer organizations, please visit our websites:
SYC Rotary:
New Freedom Lions:
Shrewsbury Lions:
New Freedom VFW Post 7012: