Fellow District 7390 Rotarians and RMBers, Rotary International has developed what it calls the Rotary Network to help Rotarians in the time of COVID-19 and beyond. It consists of six key areas: Career Services, Business Networking (the RMB Fellowship and its 104 Chapters worldwide), the Rotary Business Directory (a sort of worldwide Rotary Yellow Pages), Vocational Mentoring, Financial Information, and Sharing Ideas (a Rotary BLOG). Please go to www.rotarynetwork.org and check the site out. After that please open the Rotary Business Directory and enter your business contact information along with a brief phrase on what your business is about. 
Right now there is one entry from our district from a Rotarian business in Lebanon. I think what happens is when you go to the Business Directory you should see all the nearby area Rotarian businesses. I am hoping to confirm this by having District 7390 Rotarians post on the Business Directory, and then we can see whether this will serve as a Yellow Pages function for us - a sort of "first stop" when we are looking for services Second, I want to get your feedback on the Rotary Network itself. Does this have value for you? Will you use it? Thank you for your support.