RMBers, here is an opportunity to be part of a virtual international RMB Fellowship event hosted by two Indian Chapters in Bangalore and Pune India but also including Chapters from Brazil, Mexico, the USA and more. The RMB Fellowship Event ( a chance to see how the RMB Fellowship of which we are Chapter # 4 operates internationally) will take place on Thursday, October 22 and will begin at 9:30 AM Eastern time on that date.  This is an opportunity to hear interesting speakers and  make international connections in the wider world of the RMB Fellowship.  Even if you regard your business as essentially local, you may learn something valuable and make unexpected connections that will help your business.
If you decide to join the meeting, please send the following information to Sachin Gururaj at sachingururaj@gmail.com: your name, club name,phone number with country code [US country code is +1 (001)], email address, Rotary classification (vocation/business), do you wish to be contacted by phone or email for any business opportunities and if you do what is your preferred local time to receive a call.  Please send your RSVP with this info directly to Sachin Gururaj by email and copy Alden Cunningham amccjc2@gmail.com.