As World Polio Day (October 24th) approaches, our clubs and the district are considering how we can best raise funds and awareness in our community. Following are a few thoughts.
Support the District RIDE TO ERADICATE POLIO
This event held October 24th is a continuation of an event created during Covid in an attempt to create a new way to raise awareness. Details can be found by clicking here!
Clubs and regions are encouraged to hold events at the local level. The purpose of these events are three-fold. Here are a few thoughts: 
  1. Raise Money - In past years, these events have raised thousands of dollars for Polio Plus
  2. Raise Awareness - In advance of and during these events, conversations happen surrounding the Polio issue. Members and nonmembers are educated on what polio is, why and how is Rotary involved in the global effort to eradicate polio and why we should care about this at all. Given the recent outbreak in NY, that third point is even more relevant in our lives.
  3. Drive Membership - Each Rotarian should not only consider coming to the event but should also bring a friend. That friend then engages in the fellowship of Rotary while learning more about who we are and what we do. "Each One Bring One" could not be more relevant than with these events.
  4. SHARE YOUR EVENT - Share with the District - Each club or region that is holding an event should share their event details with the district. The district will in turn help to market the event and, maybe, you will see a district leader pop into your event.
  5. Create an Event Post on Meet Up App - Sharing your event on the Districts "Service Above Self" group on the MeetUp App will expand your reach and expand awareness of your event in your area. If you need help with this, reach out to Melissa at the district office.
  6. Create an event on Facebook and share it with the district. Share it on all social media platforms to drive all demographics to your event. Need help, reach out to the district to learn how.
  7. Get a Billboard. This event is a perfect way to utilize the district billboard program. Share with your community what you are doing in their community.
  8. Ask someone to come and support your event. We all know someone we can ask. If beer is not your thing, consider Ice Cream Pints for Polio. Be creative and then share with us what you are doing. This is how we all achieve new levels and grow.
Finally, if your club is not going to hold an event, attend another club's event near you, bring a friend and be part of the solution. Now is the time to take action. Ask your club leadership what your club is doing to help eradicate polio and drive membership during World Polio month. If you or they need help, reach out. The district is excited to help our clubs create events that make sense for them. Let's make this year, the greatest year yet for raising money and awareness in District 7390.