Many ESRAG members have been hard at work on the Feral Freon™ collection project. Rotarians are needed NOW for last 17 U.S. cities in pilot project. Do you live in or near these locations?Or do you have friends, relatives, or Rotary contacts near these cities? Are you available to volunteer to contact Rotary clubs to help find contacts?
Contact Ariel Miller with questions or to sign up.
17 Cities in 12 States needing Rotary champions NOW in ESRAG’s Feral Freon Pilot:
  • Alabama: Huntsville – 200 pounds , Birmingham – 100 pounds ,
  • Montgomery – 150 pounds
  • Florida: Chipley – 100 pounds
  • Georgia: Marietta – 50 pounds, Macon – 50 pounds
  • Indiana: Evansville – 50 pounds
  • Kentucky: Louisville – 50 pounds
  • Louisiana: Baton Rouge – 100 pounds
  • Mississippi: Biloxi – 100 pound
  • Missouri: Springfield – 100 pounds, Jefferson City – 100 pounds
  • New Jersey:   Atlantic City – 100 pound
  • Pennsylvania: Harrisburg – 200  pounds
  • Tennessee: Chattanooga – 150 pounds, Knoxville – 100 pounds
  • Virginia: Norfolk – 200 pounds
If you live in one of these American cities and volunteer a four hours on two different days before the end of October, you can help ESRAG permanently prevent the escape of 50,000 tonnes of Freon™, an incredibly potent greenhouse gas. The impact will be equivalent to taking 9,463 gas-powered cars off the road for an entire year.
Most cities in the pilot have only 100 pounds of Freon – just a few cylinders – to collect this fall. Freon is non-flammable, non-explosive, and non-corrosive.
Only 17 of the cities in the pilot project are left to cover do not yet have Rotary champions: help us cover them!
For the pilot project to succeed, we need 2-4 volunteers from a Rotary Club within 50 miles of each city. This link explains the minimal time and storage space required, and the tasks that the Rotarians will carry out to document and prepare the cylinders for collection and destruction.
If this pilot project succeeds, and we can move into the next phase - ESRAG will have the chance to earn as much as $1 million by the end of 2021 to fund projects that slow global warming, such as wind and solar projects, reforestation, reducing food waste, and educating girls.
Thank you for your support of this project!
Jennie Lewis
Eastern North America Regional Chapter Chair, Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG)