1. The COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Guidance document is now updated on the District 7390 webpage by clicking here.  Additions include:
    • New Rotary International Position Statements outlining the importance of Rotary Clubs advocating for COVID-19 vaccines, risk mitigation practices, and service activities aimed at supporting public health efforts during the pandemic.
    • New CDC guidance on best practices for mask wearing including covering the face/nose and “double masking” to optimize protection.
    • An emphasis on avoiding food consumption during club meetings to minimize virus transmission based on the lack of mask wearing.
    • A new Appendix F titled “Club Safety Liaison Position Description”.  
  2. The District Safety Committee is encouraging clubs to appoint a “Club Safety Liaison” who would serve as the recipient and distributor of safety guidance to their club from the District Safety Committee.  Ideally this person would also assure safe practices are considered during any in-person activities of their club.  Club Presidents should submit the name and contact information for their Safety Liaison to DGN Juliet Altenburg at DGJuliet2022@qrpc.com
  3. Interested in participating in vaccine distribution?  There are several ways to help within our district!  Just go to the links below to learn more!
  4. Advertise your club’s support for mask wearing on a Digital Billboard!
  1. Experts Needed in develop and implement District Crisis Management Plan
    • Rotary International now requires that every District develop a Crisis Management Plan.  We are looking for a team of experts to help us create this plan and also serve as a member of the Crisis Management Team (CMT).  This team would function as a subcommittee within the District Safety Committee.  Please contact DGN Juliet at DGJuliet2022@qrpc.com  if you or someone you know, is willing to help.  Membership in Rotary is not a requirement to lend your expertise.  To read more about this project go to:  https://my.rotary.org/en/document/developing-crisis-management-plan