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The latest data from the Centers for Disease Control indicates that all counties in our district during the seven-day period ending 8/31 have a “High” rate (red counties on map) of COVID-19 transmission (>10% positivity rate). (Source: )
The CDC recommends mask wearing indoors for everyone regardless of vaccination status in areas with substantial or high transmission rates of COVID-19. Why? Even vaccinated individuals can acquire and transmit the highly contagious COVID-19 delta variant although in vaccinated people rates of hospitalization and death are low.   If you are a Rotarian that has tested positive for COVID-19 within 2 weeks of being in-person with club members, please remember to notify your club leadership so all members who were in your presence can be notified and take the necessary precautions to mitigate virus spread and illness.  It is important that clubs also convey this information to speakers and guests at their events including students.   Read more on what to do for a community-related exposure at:  Did you know the FDA approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine?  If you aren’t vaccinated, do it now not just for yourself, but for our children and neighbors around the world.

Club Safety Liaison List for 2021-2022

Last year our District formed a Safety Committee and encouraged clubs to appoint a “Club Safety Liaison” who would serve as the recipient and distributor of safety guidance to their club from the District Safety Committee.  Although clubs are not mandated to have this position, assigning this position to an interested club member remains highly encouraged.  Duties include:
  • Acting as a recipient for safety information distributed by the District Safety Committee and assuring that information is conveyed to all club members.
  • Acting as a resource for club members during the planning of in-person events to assure safe practices are considered and instituted appropriately.
  • Acting as a contact for the District Safety Committee if input is needed on district wide safety initiatives.
Club Presidents should submit the name and contact information for their Safety Liaison to DGE Juliet Altenburg at  See below for the current Club Safety Liaisons the District has on file.   The District Safety Committee also welcomes ANY club member interested in either attending our meeting or joining our passionate group to reach out to Chair Juliet Altenburg for meeting information!   The next meeting of the committee will be on October 6th.  Our focus is to support our clubs in keeping themselves and the communities they serve safe not only from COVID-19 but any activity that poses a safety risk.
2021-2022 District 7390 Club Safety Liaisons
  1. Carlisle                                    Rod Frazier                   
  2. Colonial Park                          Bruce Roscher              
  3. Hanover                                  Kim Hackett               
  4. Harrisburg Keystone               Lisa Howald                 
  5. Hummelstown                        Jim Hazen                    
  6. Lancaster Hempfield              Fran Haldeman            
  7. Littlestown                             Steve Snyder  
  8. Mechanicsburg-North            Steph Acri                    
  9. Northern Lebanon                  Jo Ellen Litz                  
  10. Southern York County           Brian Adamski                                   
  11. West York                               Paul Duryea    
  12. York                                       Glenn Smith