Since 1995, teams at the Byrnes Health Education Center have been dedicated to educating and inspiring people of all ages to make healthy choices. Over these 25 years, our team has delivered over 7.5 million health education lessons to children, young adults, and their parents. The Center reaches communities stretching throughout South Central Pennsylvania and to participants thousands of miles away who reach us via internet. In the midst of a global public health pandemic overlaid with existing, long-term health needs and challenges, our mission is as relevant and vital today as it was decades ago.
While we are unable to host our 25th Birthday celebrations now, we look forward to the moment when conditions will allow us to physically gather and commemorate the Center’s first quarter century of delivering preventive health curriculum.
In the meantime, we invite you to help tell our story.  Your memories can help us tell the impact the many dedicated BHEC team members have had on our communities. We want to hear from students, teachers, parents, community members, board members, volunteers – anyone who experienced the Center or shares our passion for health education. If we shared a connection, please tell us:
  • If you attended any education program, who was your memorable health educator? How did they impact you?
  • How did something you learned make a difference to your health or the health of someone you love?
  • If you attended childbirth classes at the Center, how did that impact your childbirth experience?
  • Did you pursue a career in the field of health care because of what you experienced at the BHEC?  Why?
  • If you served on a board or working committee, what was your experience? How did you see the impact of health education on the community?
  • If you were you the recipient of a recognition such as the Founder’s Celebration of Life Award, how did the recognition amplify your work?
  • As a teacher who accompanied your students to the Center, what impact of the visit did you see on your students?
  • As a parent whose child has come to the Center, what did your child learn? Did you ever visit the center as a child yourself?
Please email your story to or drop it via USPS/mail to 515 S. George Street, York, PA  17401 - Attention: Birthday
We would love to hear from you and, with your permission, to share some of your stories. As we look forward to future, in-person celebrations, we hope to collect a treasure of memories that only you hold.