District 7390 Rotary Youth Exchange students who have successfully completed their year abroad, attended the August District re-entry event, and turned in their monthly reports are eligible to join Rotex — a group for returned Rotary Exchange students.

Getting involved in Rotex is not only a great way to meet people with common interests and give back to District 7390 Youth Exchange, but can also help as you go through the struggle of Reverse Culture Shock.
Rotex members not only meet socially, but are a big part of the overall Youth Exchange process by helping at selected events for Inbounds and Outbound Candidates.
Rebounds who get involved in Rotex will find they have a group of people who understand their frustrations and joys, and are truly interested in their exchange experience. Members of Rotex will come to experience the universality of the exchange experience, and quickly find common bonds. A rebound from Norway may very likely find conversation and friendship with a rebound from Thailand to be more natural and comfortable, than interactions with high school friends who did not participate in an exchange.