RYLA - Rotarian Roles & Responsibilities
  1. In early or mid-February, you should visit area high schools to solicit the aid of Guidance Counselors or Principals to select the best candidates from the Junior Class who have demonstrated leadership qualities in some or all of the following areas: Scholastic Achievement, Citizenship in School and Community, School Organization: Ex. Student Council, Honor Society, etc..., Extra-Curricular Activities: Ex. Athletics, Debate, Drama, Music, etc…
  2. Supply the Principal or Guidance Counselors with sufficient copies of exhibit #2. Ask them to help you select the best candidates in the Junior Class according to the criteria in #1 above. At this time students should also complete the application.
  3. Stress the importance of having several alternates of each gender in the event of late cancellation by final candidates. Withhold names of alternates from publication. Release only if a substitution is necessary.
  4. Ask the school to have prospective candidates discuss the conference with those who attended the previous year. Supply their names on exhibit #2.
  5. Establish a date and place for personal interviews with prospective candidates by your Rotary Committee.
  6. Make certain with schools that selected candidates will be excused from classes for the conference should there be a conflict. Confirm that candidates guarantee their availability to attend the entire conference.
  7. Make final selection according to the criteria in #1.
  8. Notify each conference selectee of your decision using exhibit #3.
  9. Upon receipt of completed application either mail or deliver, plus a $500 check by April 8, 2020 for each registrant to the Registrar: Melissa Kopp, Rotary District Office, 515 South George Street, York, PA 17401-2723. Make checks payable to DISTRICT ROTARY YOUTH LEADERS CONFERENCE.
  10. It is recommended that candidates be invited to a Rotary meeting before the conference to meet Club members.
  11. Parents of students should provide transportation to the conference. If parents are not able to provide transportation, they may contact you for assistance.
  12. Call students a few days prior to the conference to verify attendance.
  13. Attendance at the dinner counts as an official make-up for Rotarians.