RYLA - How do I Apply?

All RYLA applications must be approved by your sponsoring Rotary Club. To find your local Rotary Club, click here.

All applicants MUST submit the following to their sponsoring Rotary Club: 

  1. Completed Application (MUST BE TYPED!) with signatures
  2. Color Photo for RYLA Booklet
  3. Signed Messiah College Release Form

Please download the application and complete (by typing) the entire application. Then print the application and have your parents sign the Parent Consent Form and you will need to sign the student consent. DO NOT FORGET TO ATTACH A FULL COLOR HEAD SHOT PHOTO THAT WILL BE USED IN THE PROGRAM BOOKLET. You can also email the photo to office@rotary7390.org. After that is completed, please forward the application to your local Rotary Club. The Club will complete the Sponsoring Club Endorsement and forward it to the RYLA Registrar.

Click here to download the Messiah College Challenge Course Release form. This form requires the signature of both student and parent/guardian. Our host, Messiah College, requires all participants to have a signed release form to participate in these activities. Please understand that this is a standard release form and covers any potential risk faced by a participant. While any participant may be subject to injuries, your child will be participating in activities that we feel are quite safe. RYLA Conferees WILL NOT BE PARTICIPATING IN THE FOLLOWING: Caving, Canoeing/kayaking or Rock Climbing.

If you have questions about RYLA or about RYLA Registration, please contact Melissa Bruck, Rotary District 7390 Executive Coordinator at 717-854-7842 or office@rotary7390.org.

**PLEASE NOTE!!! All applications must be approved and signed by your local Rotary Club. Any application mailed directly to the registrar will be returned!**