Margee Ensign
Making Peace a Reality 
Today’s she’s president of Dickinson College…but, what an incredible road she’s traveled to get there. And, we Rotarians can benefit from her experiences and knowledge.
At the District Conference she will give us valued insight on Peace and Conflict Prevention and Resolution.  She’ll make the case for how economic and community development are such an integral part of attaining peace.  Her qualifications are outstanding from serving as president of the American University of Nigeria to co-founding the Adamawa Peace Initiative formed in response to the threat from Boko Haram violence.  Her efforts and leadership resulted in promoting peace and assisting some 300,000 refugees for three years.  She’s an accomplished author of four books including Rwanda: History and Hope, Doing Good or Doing Well?  Having been interviewed by the BBC, CNN, written for The Washington Post and blogging for The Huffington Post.
You’ll find her presentation challenging and certainly informative…certainly INSPIRING!