Keziah Groth-Tuft
An Inspiring Global Grant Recipient Makes Powerful Waves
Rotary global grants support large international activities with sustainable, measurable outcomes in our six areas of focus in the form of club-directed project funding or scholarships to individuals for graduate-level academic studies.
This dynamic 23-year-old young woman completed her undergraduate degree at Dickinson College, Carlisle in international studies with a focus in globalization and sustainability, a minor in Arabic, and a certificate in security studies.  At Dickinson she took part in the climate change mosaic, where students carried out independent research at the UN climate talks in Peru as a Sophomore.  Spending her junior year in Amman, Jordan practicing my Arabic and spring semester in Copenhagen, Denmark where she was formally introduced to international law through an international refugee law course. Since then, she has been tackling international legal approaches to the natural resource-conflict-migration nexus, with a special focus on climate change. 
After graduating from Dickinson, she attended Lancaster University in England as a Rotary Global Grant Scholar in its LL.M. program on Human Rights and Environmental Law.  There she became involved in the Warsaw International Mechanism on Loss & Damage focusing specifically on displacement as it relates to climate change, which just had its final report to the UNFCCC this December.  She is now in Washington, D.C. for orientation into a 3-year J.D. program at George Washington Law School and has managed to get invited to the UN climate talks (UNFCCC) still this year Poland in December, making it the 5th straight year she is able to attend and conduct research at the conference.
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