Jim St. John
Yes, You Can Pair Chocolate with Wine 
Find out how Mr. St. John turned his chemical engineering degree and studies in uranium into being Hershey’s Senior Fellow and Master Chocolate Maker.  Now there is a unique career title!
On a momentous Halloween in 1988, he joined Hershey Company in the area of major projects and launching new products.  (Think Sweet Escapes, Minis, Cookies’N’Crème Drops, Starbucks Confections and more).  He has held several management positions including Senior Manager, Process Research; Director, Food and Science and Technology and most recently Vice President of Chocolate Product Development and Tech Center Operations.  His work has resulted in multiple low-fat chocolate patents in both the US and Europe.
You’ll participate in wine parings with various Hershey chocolate products.  Think of using what you learn in this session as a novel Rotary meeting or a chance to impress your friends at a home dinner party.