District Strategic Priorities 2022-23

Rotary International Vision Statement

Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves.

Using this vision statement and the RI President’s theme “IMAGINE Rotary”, District 7390 will support Rotary International’s strategic priorities through the following District goals and objectives during Rotary year 2022-2023.  All activities noted with an asterisk will be annual events through June 30, 2025.
  1. Increase our Impact
    1. A member satisfaction survey will be conducted by every club with support made available by District staff. *
    2. A District Survey will be launched identifying opportunities for District engagement and asking for input on club member satisfaction.  *
    3. Evaluations will routinely be conducted after all District trainings and events.   (Annual activity.)*
    4. An Annual Report will be developed and shared showcasing District and Club Activities, committee/initiative outcomes, and trends in membership. *
  2. Expand our Reach
    1. A District 7390 DEI Committee will be utilized with the purpose of developing goals to support District 7390 and Clubs in creating a welcoming and inclusive club member experience. *
    2. A District Public Image Committee will be utilized to enhance community knowledge of Rotary, support Rotary/District Strategic Priorities, and support clubs.*
      1. Video Creation 
        • Club videos will be created during DG visits showcasing what makes each club unique
        • A Club/Global grant video will be created showcasing club projects.
      2. Social Media - The number of District social media sites will be increased with enhanced utilization of all sites for routine posting of District/club events.
    3. Partnerships will be fostered between District 7390 and Clubs with hospitals/ Health systems to forward Rotary’s focus area of Disease Eradication/Treatment
  3. Enhance Member Engagement
    1. District 7390 Membership Committee will plan events to attract and retain members including*:
      1. Club Membership trainings
      2. Mentoring of new members through its mentoring committee
      3. Community/District Membership events
      4. Continuation of Bring One/Each One campaign
    2. Quarterly Rotary Means Business events will be conducted with the purpose of business networking and fun.*
    3. The annual District Conference will be expanded to include a volunteer expo fostering partnerships, community outreach, and increased participation/engagement of clubs.
  4. Increase our Ability to Adapt
    1. Club Technology support will be provided to clubs to conduct hybrid meetings/events through provision of a technology toolkit available on the District website. *
    2. District Leadership reorganization will be implemented focusing on Avenues of Service.
    3. A District assessment will be conducted evaluating need for fewer or more District committees and leadership positions based on need.  *