District Strategic Plan


Together, we see a world where people unite and take actin to create lasting change - across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves. 



As a part of Rotary International, Rotary District 7390 supports the work of clubs and Rotarians by facilitating educational and training opportunities; providing grant funding and support; and providing connections and resources to help our members make a difference in the world, in their communities, and in themselves. 


The 5-year membership trend for our district is -30.  The current age and gender profiles are 75% men and 25% women. 49% of the members are 50+ and 40% are unreported.
  1. Achieve a net increase of 43 members in the district
  2. Increase membership retention
    1. This will be measured by achieving a decrease in the % of members who terminate within 3 years of joining Rotary. This will be accomplished by encouraging engagement of new members and by implementing a “Member Safety Net” program which will match Rotarians to a club which will fit their needs.
  3. Increase the diversity of club membership. 
  4. Enter complete data profile on members to assist with strategic analysis and planning.
  5. Follow through on all membership inquiries from Rotary International.
  1. Increase contributions to End Polio Now.
    1. Each club will establish a contribution goal for Polio Plus, which is an increase over the current level of giving.
    2. Expand the District Pints for Polio Fund Raiser and increase the funds raised by 25%.
  2. Achieve 100% participation in member contributions to the Rotary Foundation.
  3. Increase the number of clubs who achieve EREY status from 26 to 29. 
  4. Increase the number of clubs that participate in District Club Grants from 23 to 26 Clubs.
  5. Increase District Designated Funds available for Global Grants.
  6. One new club that has not participated in a Global Grant will begin the application process.
  7. Community Service Day – Each club will participate in a Community Service Day on a date to be determined by each club.
  1. Every club will host or participate in a “Rotary Day” event. 
  2. Promote the use of Rotary Brand Central Tools on club web pages, publications, media releases, etc. to strengthen the Rotary Brand.
  1. Support and strengthen the District committees to ensure that each committee has the depth of talent and resources available to accomplish their work and that each has a leadership succession plan in place.
  2. Develop a written description/ charge to guide the work of each committee.
  3. Increase the number of Rotarians who participate on District committees.