Rotary International Vision Statement

Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves.

Using this vision statement and the RI President’s theme “Rotary Opens Opportunities”, District 7390 proposes to activate and strengthen Rotary Internationals strategic priorities and annual goals by establishing the following District goals and objectives to be implemented during the Rotary year 2020-2021:

Increase our Impact

The work that Rotarians undertake in our District and around the world is already significant. Support for the Rotary Foundation is strong and local and global grants are being utilized. We will now seek to:
  1. Create the “District 7390 Polio Plus Society” which will create increased and sustained annual giving to the Polio Plus Fund.
  2. Increase the overall Foundation giving in the District by 10% with more attention being given to the efforts against polio.
  3. Propose one new service project per club or group of clubs. Special emphasis will be given to encouraging clubs to support Shelter-box as a simple means to recognize the work of this Rotary related project.
  4. Engage our larger and moderate sized clubs to work cooperatively with some of our smaller clubs not only on projects but also by utilizing other resources.
  5. Build on our membership growth for the current year and add a net of 42 new members and 2 new clubs.


Expand our Reach

Rotary can be a prime mover in creating unique opportunities for more people and organizations to get involved. Therefore we will now seek to:
  1. Support and encourage greater diversity in our clubs and in our District Leadership team. Particular support will be given to having Rotaractors involved in our projects and events.  In addition, we will be adding a Rotaractor to our leadership team.
  2. Develop and support District wide training for Rotarians especially in the area of future District Leadership. Clubs will be encouraged to identify future leaders for such training.  By way of example, we have invited them to the District Training event this year.
  3. Develop different models of operation for our clubs, support the newly established Passport club and work with two clubs to develop satellite clubs, cause based, vocationally based or e-clubs.
  4. Work with Interact clubs to assist in making them more effective and involved.  Increase the number of Interact Clubs by at least 2 this year.
  5. Strengthen the work of the Global Grant Scholarship committee and seek to find a candidate for a Peace Fellowship.
  6. Encourage clubs to maintain an effective public relations presence through billboards, PSA’s and social media.
  7. Create an inward facing and outward facing VLOG.

Enhance Participant Engagement

Our clubs face many challenges. Engagement and retention of members and the opportunities they provide for service and connection is a top challenge. Therefore we will seek to:
  1. Increase District wide participation in RLI by 20%
  2. Provide leadership enhancement programs particularly in the areas of:
    1. identifying and preparing club members for leadership roles;
    2. strategic planning and development;
    3. endowment and foundation support;
    4. branding and marketing.
    5. board governance  
  3. Support clubs in their community engagement efforts including both service and fundraising, with an effort to avoid duplication and share best practices.
  4. Support retention efforts in the clubs and increase retention rates in all categories.
  5. Support clubs in working toward a Rotary Citation, with 50% of our clubs achieving that distinction.

Increase our ability to adapt

Keeping pace with the changing culture and global trends calls for us, as a District, to constantly review our models of operation in order to be efficient, flexible and effective. Therefore we will seek to:
  1. Support and encourage change at every level – clubs, committees, District operations and develop a plan of action to change.
  2. Continue to review our governance structure and operation within the guidelines of RI and work to be as flexible in our practices as possible.
  3. Review our District Strategic Plan and work with clubs to develop their own strategic planning process.
  4. Promote District wide leadership planning in order to strengthen clubs for the future.


These goals and objectives are far from complete but they offer us a guide against which we can measure our forward progress. Make no mistake – we are moving forward not going backwards. I hope these goals will help support our common passion for Rotary and continue to make us one of the most effective Districts in Rotary International.

Holger’s Initiatives:

President-Elect Holger requested that we offer the following for messages during every club visit in an effort to create unity and singularity in our messaging and to help clubs focus on their future.
  1. The District and Clubs should be actively working to create new clubs models, support the creation of Satellite Clubs and form a Community Based Rotaract Club
  2. Every club should host at least one Strategic Planning Meeting this year where they ask themselves these questions
    1. What should our club look like in 5 years?
    2. What steps should we be taking to help achieve that vision?
    3. What value do we bring our members? (I added this one) How can the district help you achieve your goals?
  3. Select your new members carefully. Make sure that they are a good fit with your club and that your club meets their expectations. Engage them and take care of them.  There is no wrong age to become a Rotarian!
  4. Continue our efforts to end Polio by donating to End Polio Now and by hosting a World Polio Day event In October. We must fulfill the promise that we made to the children of this world

District 7390 2020/2021 Initiatives:

  1. RMB – Rotary Means Business 
  2. RVI – Rotary Veterans Initiative 
  3. Rotaract
  4. Interact 
  5. Polio Plus Society
  6. District Wide Mentor Program 
  7. Rotary VLOG 
  8. Meet Up App District Wide Execution 
  9. Development of a Speakers Bureau 
  10. Water Initiative 
  11. District Wide Billboard Program