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As I traveled the district in my year as District Governor year, I realized five things:

  1. There are many more passionate member Rotarians who have chosen Education as a Vocation than I ever realized.
  2. There are many other vocations represented by passionate Rotarians across our district.
  3. There is great work being done by many, if not most of the clubs across the district focused on those vocations.
  4. Much of what is being done in the clubs is not shared across the district.
  5. We can do a better job of sharing and learning from each other.

This invitation is the first of many more to come focused on sharing our ideas through Vocational Summits which will begin to help foster Rotary’s four strategic priorities of increasing our impact, expanding our reach, increasing member engagement and remain adaptable and relevant.  

It's time. We can only continue to perpetuate and GROW the Service we provide IF we continue to GROW and ENGAGE our Membership. We MUST be purposeful about our Growth. Each of us. Seek the right people.... people who are Rotarians... but just don't know it yet.
It's time to act.

It's time to Grow Rotary and ENGAGE our members again.

Are you with me?

District 7390 Rotarian Educators Summit

  • When:   August 18th 7pm to 8pm
  • Who:     All Rotarians who currently or formerly worked in schools including but not limited to school Superintendents, Principles, Teachers, Guidance Counselors and Administrative Support
  • What:    A one hour conversation on three topics
    • How can we grow young people in service and leadership through people and programs within Rotary?
    • How do we get more Educators involved in Rotary?
    • What action should be taken because of this Summit?

Yours in Service,

John Anthony
Past District Governor
District Membership Chair