Re-Vamped Four-Way Test ESSAY Contest

The  4-Way Essay Contest, open to 9th Grade Students in District 7390, has undergone some major modifications for 2018-19. First, the topic of the essay has changed.  The Four-Way Test originated when Herbert J. Taylor wrote the four familiar questions in the course of transforming a failing aluminum company to a thriving, profitable one.  Seizing upon this history, this year we will ask 9th Graders to write an essay on How Rotary’s Four Way Test helps me confront or deal with the issue of failure?  We felt this topic was particularly appropriate as recent studies are showing that the younger generation is experiencing spikes in anxiety and depression stemming from difficulty in handling adverse situations.  We are hoping the Four-Way Test can be a resource for students as they confront these issues in the coming years.  We are also planning to change the essay prompt on a yearly or bi-yearly basis to keep the contest fresh and relevant to students.
Second, over the past several years, clubs were asked to coordinate with 9th Grade English teachers who would do an initial screen of the essays prior to submitting the best ones to the sponsoring club for evaluation.  If this works for you – great!  No need to change.  Some clubs, however, expressed that teachers were losing interest in the contest and burning out after several years of participation.  No knock against these hard-working teachers, but giving them, essentially, another set of papers to “grade” is a lot to ask.  We are now encouraging clubs to think of creative ways to receive entries to the contest.  For example, you may choose to coordinate with a teacher to offer the contest at schools in your service area, but instead of having the students submit their entries through the teacher, have the students mail or e-mail the essays directly to your club for review. How you receive the entries is now up to your Club.  We are hoping that flexibility in this area will make the contest more attractive to local Rotary clubs, and will generate many more entries.
Finally, we are stressing that you make the contest available to ALL ninth-grade students in your service area.  This includes public and private schools, as well as home schooled students.  Many home-schoolers have parent groups that may allow you to reach out to a number of home school students through one communication.  Also, don’t forget about cyber schools.  If you have a contact with a cyber school, see if they might consider offering the contest to their students.  Please be cognizant, however, that the contest is limited to cyber school students who physically reside in our district. 
The new, revamped Essay Contest rules and critical dates are available here! It is time to start organizing!  We hope that you will consider getting involved in this exciting new chapter for the essay contest.        

2019-20 Rotary Grant Deadlines

Arch Klumpf, considered to be the father of The Rotary Foundation, said in 1930: "Money alone does little good; Individual service is helpless without money; The two together can be a godsend to civilization." Service to our local and global communities is our mission as Rotarians. Financial support for service projects is available to Rotary clubs through grants directly from the District (District Club Grants) and from The Rotary Foundation (Global Grants). Generally speaking District Club Grant projects are for smaller, usually local, projects whereas Global Grants are for larger international projects. All clubs are encouraged to make use of these grants and the Foundation Coordinators as well as members of the Grant Committee stand ready to answer questions and assist as needed.

Clubs requesting grants must meet two basic requirements. First, the club must have a current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the club president and president elect. Secondly, at least one, and preferably two or three, club members must complete the on-line grant training within the current or past Rotary year and must appear as one or more of the contact persons for the grant.


District Club Grants

District Club Grant projects support short-term, humanitarian projects that benefit local or foreign communities. Once a year, a club may request grant funds for a project or may collaborate with another club's project. There is a maximum of five clubs per project.
You are encouraged to be creative and select projects that meet special needs in your local or global community. Some projects done in the past include: refurbishing playgrounds and parks,  books for literacy projects, supporting youth development projects, assisting with a family health festival, collecting and purchasing food for a food bank, providing dental care in Honduras, and providing clean water to foreign villages.
The District Grants Committee reviews each grant application for the appropriateness of the project based on Rotary International's humanitarian guidelines. Upon approval, clubs will be matched on a dollar for dollar basis up to $2,500, based on the amount of funds available and the number of grant requests. Clubs must submit a grant intention form by March 15, 2019 for a grant in the 2019-20 Rotary year. The full application will be due April 30, 2019. 

Global Grants

International projects with budgets exceeding $35,000 are best served with a Global Grant (GG). Due to District and Rotary International matching, properly qualified clubs may have the money raised for a project multiplied by 3.5 - i.e. A club raises $10,000 and can then do a project with budget of $35,000. This requires a strong relationship with a Rotary club (known as the host club) in the country where the project is to be done, a needs assessment, and documentation that the project is sustainable. The project must fit into one of Rotary International's six areas of focus.
Our goal is for all Clubs to participate in Rotary Grant projects for international or local community service. Grant seminars are provided by the District throughout the year to help Rotarians better understand the grant process.
For additional information contact:
Nigel Foundling, Chair                                                                  
D-7390 District Club Grant Committee                                                 
860 Lovers Lane                                         
Lebanon, Pa 17046                                                                          
Kathleen Stoup, Chair
D-7390 Global Grant Committee
12 Blue Mountain Vista
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

Rotary Rocks 2018

The Rotary Club of New Holland will hold its 3rd annual Rotary Rocks community benefit concert on September 14, 7-10 PM, at Funck's Restaurant in Leola (365 W Main St, Leola). Join us for an evening of live music and fun to benefit those in need in New Holland and surrounding communities. Proceeds from the event will be used to help support the expansion of the CrossNet Food Pantry. Entertainment will be provided by the classic rock and alternative rock sounds of the Slack Adjusters and the rock/funk/blues mix of The Reed Brothers Band. Both bands feature Rotarians from the New Holland club.
Admission is by donation at the door, or donations can be made anytime online at

Successful Rotary Means Business Held in Carlisle

The Rotary Clubs of Carlisle and Carlisle Sunrise hosted a tremendously successful RMB networking event on Tuesday, August 14 at the Hoffman Funeral Home and Crematory in Carlisle with 49 Rotarians and guests attending from nine district clubs (Carlisle, Carlisle Sunrise, Colonial Park, Hanover, Harrisburg, Harrisburg Keystone, Mechanicsburg North, Uptown York, and York).  Hoffman Funeral Home and Crematory became a major sponsor by providing not only a great venue but also handling all the catering and beverage needs.  Chris Hoffman and his able staff did a great job for RMB for the second consecutive year.  Thank you Chris.  Thanks also to the Rotary Clubs of Carlisle and Carlisle Sunrise for being great hosts for the event.  Clearly, many excellent connections were made and much fun and fellowship enjoyed by everyone.




Rotary Leadership Institute to be held October 13, 2018

The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a multi-district, grassroots leadership development program of member districts organized into regional divisions in various parts of the world. RLI is an opportunity to meet with other Rotarians, share experiences, and learn new skills to take back to your club. It's amazing what informed and enthusiastic Rotarians can do to improve their clubs, their communities, and the world.

You don't have to be in the leadership chain to benefit from this institute. If you want to learn more about this wonderful organization that we call Rotary, and find out what you can actually do to start changing the world, put attendance on your schedule. Join us Saturday, October 13, 2018 from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Central Pennsylvania College (600 Valley Road, Summerdale). Register HERE!!


What is RLI? A leadership and development program to strengthen Rotary Clubs through education, collaboration and the exchange of ideas among its future Leaders. A three-part curriculum facilitated by experienced, trained faculty members engaging participants through open discussion, problem solving and creative role-play.


When can I attend RLI? Saturday, October 13, 2018 from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Central Pennsylvania College (600 Valley Road, Summerdale, PA 17093).


How do I register?  Click here!


What will I learn at RLI? More about Rotary, The Rotary Foundation, Membership, Ethics, Service Projects, Communications, Strategic Planning and Analysis. You’ll also make new friends, and enjoy fellowship and networking opportunities.


Course Levels: Parts I, II, III and Graduate


Where can I find more information about RLI?


Want to download a flier?   Click here!


Questions? Contact PDG Hector Ortiz, or 717-608-0444.

Zone 24/32 Conference

Hello Everyone,

We all get many, many, emails from Rotary and on Rotary related topics. I’m respectfully requesting you give your attention to this one. Our topic is the upcoming event planned from September 20-22 in Montreal.
Formerly known as the Zone Institute, we have renamed it the Zone Conference. So, what’s the same, and what’s different. The Institute was originally designed to motivate, inspire, and educate past, current and incoming district governors. That has not changed. We want and need as many past governors in attendance because we know there is a critical mass of that talent and leadership that can make an event magical. The pledge of the entire planning team is that the event will be worthy of your time and resources.
What has changed. Historically attendance at a Zone Institute was restricted to those in the Governor line. If that wasn’t you, you weren’t allowed to register for the entire event. What we know though, and there are examples repeated over and over again, is that club and district Rotarians who have been able to interact with District Governors (past, present, and future) they get inspired by them and become more engaged in our organization. They get more involved. They aspire to higher levels of leadership, some of them even getting on the Governor track. (Our organization and our Zones need more of that engagement NOW)
We decided to facilitate that process and open up Montreal to ALL Rotarians. We want to facilitate and be a catalyst for that engagement between our Governors (and their knowledge, leadership skills, and commitment) and club and district Rotarians. The goal is that it will be meaningful for all. The goal is that the event will speak to all who attend.
Click here for the program and registration information. 

Take a look at the program.

Share the link with Rotarians in your club and in your area. (please)

Register! (please)

Come and enjoy the wonderful city of Montreal.

Come and renew old friendships, and create new ones.

Mingle with RI President Barry Rassin and his wife Esther and other Rotary leaders from around North America.

Participate in the facilitated discussion group breakouts. Share your knowledge. Glean new morsels to take back home with you.

Be inspired by world class speakers.
On behalf of the entire Montreal planning team, we look forward to being with you in September. We appreciate you. Thanks for your consideration. Reach out to me personally with any questions.
RI Director, 2018-20 

Hurricane Relief Update

We are coming up on the first anniversary of Hurricanes Harvey and Maria. Texas has made strides in restoring homes and communities impacted by a Category 4 hurricane on August 25th 2017. As previously reported, D7390 sent $10,000 to Fuller Center Disaster Rebuilders to assist with the set-up of the volunteer camp. Later, $6,500.00 was sent to round-off the $36,000 needed to purchase materials for a home adopted by the Rotary Club of Space Center in Houston. The family story is typical of those served with disaster relief. Cody and Maxine married in 1948; Cody served in WWII. They bought a home on Neil Street in 1963 and adopted two infants, a boy and a girl. The daughter is now the live-in caretaker for her parents.  Disaster rebuilds are often directed to the elderly. With homes destroyed and limited resources, all too often the elderly are in poor health and, consequently, do not have the resources to rebuild or to move to a safe, accommodating environment. Your donation dollars were well spent in completing a rebuild that was both safe and secure for this husband and wife.   
The $27,016.00 collected for Puerto Rico remains in the Rotary Club of Carlisle Foundation account. Hurricane Maria was so totally and invasively destructive that the island is struggling to recover. We have not been successful in finding a project, but will keep our avenues of contact open and will report back to our district Rotarians when a decision is made.
D7390 Disaster Relief Committee:
Upcoming Events
Littlestown Official visit
Aug 14, 2018
Shippensburg Official Visit
Aug 14, 2018
Rotary Means Business - Northern Tier
Hoffman Funeral Home & Crematory
Aug 14, 2018
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Denver-Ephrata Official Visit
Aug 23, 2018
YE Inbound Orientation & Tri-Annual Meeting
Christ Lutheran Church
Aug 25, 2018
8:15 AM – 12:00 PM
YE Inbound Overnight Social - York
Aug 25, 2018 12:30 PM –
Aug 26, 2018 4:30 PM
Gettysburg Official Visit
Aug 27, 2018
York-East Official Visit
Aug 28, 2018
Eastern York County Official Visit
Aug 29, 2018
Susquehanna Township Official Visit
Aug 30, 2018
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