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Council on Resolutions

The Council on Resolutions of Rotary International met online from 15 October to 15 November 2020. In accordance with section 9.150.1. of the RI Bylaws, I am issuing this report on the actions taken by the Council. 30 resolutions and one enactment were transmitted to the Council. The Council adopted 11 resolutions and the enactment. Of the resolutions, nine were recommendations to the RI Board and two were recommendations to The Rotary Foundation Trustees. The Board and the Trustees will consider the resolutions at their upcoming meetings. The enactment will take effect in one month. At the end of this report is an Opposition to Legislation Report Form. In accordance with section of the RI Bylaws, any club may use this form to record its opposition to the adopted enactment only. Oppositions may not be submitted on resolutions. Completed forms must reach Council Services by 23 December 2020. Please note that a club should complete and return the form at the end of this report only if it wishes to oppose the adoption of enactment 20E-01. If a club does not wish to oppose the action of the 2020 Council on Resolutions, no action is required. While it is rare, if the required number of votes in opposition are filed regarding the enactment, the item will be considered suspended. A ballot of all Rotary clubs will then be conducted according to the provisions of section 9.150. of the RI Bylaws. Based on the results of the ballot, the suspended item will either be nullified or reinstated. Should you have any questions about the Council on Resolutions or the adopted items, please contact Council Services at The deadline for submitting resolutions to the next Council on Resolutions is 30 June 2021.

Sarah Christensen Supervisor, Council Services Rotary InternaƟonal
Hector OrƟz COL RepresentaƟve 2020-2023 (D7390)

Rotary Means Business - December 9

On Wednesday, December 9, Rotary Means Business District 7390 will host a virtual Zoom meeting from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. The event is FREE so bring your favorite drink and hors d’oeuvres and let’s get RMB going again.  

Zoom Meeting information:

Meeting ID: 840 5112 3625 & Passcode: 901152

Once registered, you will be given a meeting ID and password and the link to join.  Also, as you may know, you can go to and click on the “Join the meeting” link and put in the meeting ID and password. See you there!

Four Way Test Speech Contest


District 7390 will support a virtual Four Way Test Speech Contest in 2020/2021.  Students who have already competed in a club level contest are welcome to register for the Virtual Mid Levels.  Upon registration, students will be assigned to one of the four Virtual Mid Levels in an equitable process that will ensure fair numbers and diversity across the board.  The finale will be facilitated virtually in conjunction with the District Conference between April 30-May 2, 2021.  Details are still in progress with the District Conference Planning Committee.  All new materials are uploaded to the district website at this link.
New this year, students will be asked to deliver their speeches in the framework of “Life in the Pandemic.” This can include, but is not limited to actual experiences in their life; their observations of reactions & responses during the pandemic; school during the pandemic; physical distancing and safety measures; and expectations about the “new normal.”
It's hard not to wonder what PDG Ken Roberts would have done with the Four Way Test Speech Contest in this unusual year!  Hopefully, this direction would do him proud.  His legacy continues through this important program. 
D7390 Safety Committee 
D7390 Safety Committee Tips for Safe Gatherings
As COVID-19 hospitalizations surge locally and nationally, the Centers for Disease Control and our local healthcare providers urge us to approach holiday gatherings in a different way this year. The greatest risk for contracting COVID-19 are indoor gatherings with anyone that is not part of your immediate household.  “Immediate” is defined as those who routinely live together.  For more details visit:   Another great local resource is a recorded webinar hosted by Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center on the state of COVID-19 in our area and how to be safe during the holidays.  Go here to listen:   Need a resource specifically designed for Rotary Clubs?  Go to the D7390 website and click on the red COVID banner for resources developed by the D7390 Safety Committee.  Let’s keep the holidays happy by being safe!
D7390 Safety Committee Featured in the Zone Newsletter
District 7390 is proud to announce the efforts of our district’s safety committee got published in the December Zone 28/32 newsletter! Sincere thanks is extended to RI Director Valarie Wafer who when she heard of our efforts, wholeheartedly not only published the article we submitted but also asked Rotarians everywhere to heed the advice of public health officials this holiday season by celebrating cautiously. Read Valarie’s wonderful letter to Rotarians on page one and our committee work which is featured on page 3 by clicking here!

Rotary Grants Training Part II - December 14


District Governor 2023-2024 Nominations Due December 15

The time has come to begin the nominating process for our District Governor 2023-2024.  You are encouraged to suggest a qualified candidate for the District Governor Nominee 2023-2024. Suggestions must be made in the form of a resolution adopted at a regular Club meeting and certified by the Club Secretary. You may suggest a Rotarian from another Club so long as you first obtain the concurrence of the Club where the proposed candidate is a member.
Every club has an outstanding leader who could be a potential District Governor. Look around and ask yourself, who is that person in our club? It is the person who is a good leader, interested, involved, gives financially to Rotary and The Rotary Foundation and is helpful to other members. Ask that person about his or her interest in serving as District Governor. We all need to give encouragement and “plant the seed” for others to move forward.
The District Governor is the officer of RI in the District, functioning under the general control and supervision of the RI Board. The Governor has responsibility for organizing new Clubs; strengthening existing Clubs; promoting membership growth; supporting The Rotary Foundation; planning and presiding at the District Conference, PETS and District Training Assembly; issuing a monthly newsletter; reporting promptly to RI; focusing attention on important Rotary issues; motivating Rotarians to participate in service activities; recognizing the outstanding contributions of Rotarians in the District; and many other related activities. The candidate should be aware of the qualifications, duties and responsibilities of a District Governor and must demonstrate willingness, commitment and ability (physically and otherwise) to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the office of Governor.    
Please keep in mind that it is each Club’s duty to the District and Rotary International to give serious consideration to suggesting candidates for District Governor. Your suggestion for District Governor Nominee 2023-2024 must be received in the District Office by December 11, 2020 to be considered by the Nominating Committee. Interviews for the 2023-2024 District Governor will be held Monday, January 11, 2021. A location is yet to be determined.

Rotary Club of Harrisburg Turns COVID Missed Lunches Into Welcomed Donations To Regional Non-profits

For more years than most Rotary Club of Harrisburg (RCH) members can remember, the cost of a lunch at the downtown Hilton Hotel has been included in their dues.
As we all continue to navigate the holiday season amidst a resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is with great pride that the RCH members have donated more than $20,000 from the lunch budget to more than 10 local and regional non-profits.
The RCH Board began  donating the unused portion of weekly meal budget on behalf of Club members as a way to assist all of the important local organizations who are bravely fighting to keep Harrisburg families fed and protected during this desperate time in our nation’s history. 
In addition to the countless hours of typical service and support the Rotary Club of Harrisburg members provide, the lunch monies have provided much need cash donations to the following organizations since March 2020:
  • American Red Cross- Central PA Chapter
  • Bethesda Mission
  • Central Pennsylvania Food Bank
  • Downtown Daily Bread
  • HANNA's Pantry
  • Hospice of Central Pennsylvania
  • Humane Society of Harrisburg Area
  • Rotary Foundation's Polio Plus Fund
  • Salvation Army- Harrisburg Capital City Region
  • YMCA- Camp Curtin Branch
  • YWCA of Greater Harrisburg
According to President James Good, “As the 23rd Rotary Club in all the world, our members have been serving the Harrisburg community since 1911.  Continuing upon our tradition of Service Above Self, the Harrisburg Rotary Foundation, the charitable arm of the Club, typically disburses about $50,000 yearly in college scholarships, grants to the Harrisburg School District, local charitable organizations, programming for local youth, local and international service projects.

Your expertise as an eye professional is needed. Can you help?

The Harrisburg Keystone Rotary Club is hosting a vision clinic in Harrisburg this spring. If you are an optometrist, optician, or ophthalmologist, your expertise is needed to help make the event happen. Please consider giving a day of your time to this community service event. The clinic will be run by with help from Rotary volunteers and you.
  • Dates & Times: Friday, April 9, 2021 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. & Saturday, April 10, 2020, 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Location: Harrisburg Brethren in Christ Church (2217 Derry Street, Harrisburg, PA 17104
  • Details: Please see
Patients will register in advance. You will simply arrive at the clinic location early enough to become familiar with the location and equipment. 

Mission Vision treats patients of all different ages both young and old who come from low income or disadvantaged communities. We often work with the homeless, elderly,
unemployed, veterans, and school aged children who otherwise would not have access to the eye exams and treatments we provide.

Our exams are designed to both provide for an eyewear prescription, while screening for ocular eye diseases. We screen for Macular Degeneration, Color Blindness, Astigmatism,
Glaucoma, etc. Since we do not dilate their eyes, we do not give out written or oral eye prescription, only free glasses.

There are 4 separate stations of the clinic: 1) Check-in, 2) Technician’s pre-testing station, 3) Doctor’s station, and 4) Optician’s station where the frames are picked if needed and fit
appropriately for the client.

How it works: “Using our unique delivery model, we are able to cost-effectively provide and make sure that eye care and prescription eye wear go directly to the people with the most need. Collaborating closely with partner organizations, we identify those most in need and we are able to educate them on the importance in maintain good eye health. All mobile clinics are staffed by dedicated and caring medical professionals, as well as trained staff members and volunteers. Upon arrival, patients are greeted by the clinic coordinator who then checks them in and reviews their medical history. From there, an optometric technician screens them for distance and near visual acuity, eye motility, visual field, auto-refractions, pupil response, intraocular pressure, color vision and depth perception. Next, a state licensed optometrist performs a thorough eye exam to determine whether or not prescription glasses are needed. If, however, during the course of the exam, any medical condition requiring further evaluation is detected, the optometrist will explain the situation and provide a referral.
With an impressive sampling of frames (donated brand new by major eyewear manufacturers) to choose from, patients make their selections with the help of an optician who also takes the necessary measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Two to three weeks later, the prescription glasses are first inspected and labeled by Mission Vision staff and then delivered back to the partner organizations ( Progressive no line glasses are not available. Clinics are restricted to age 5 and older. When we treat a patient at one of our clinics, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the joy on their face when given the gift of clear vision for the first time.
 If you would like to volunteer or learn more, please contact Dawn Brotherton at or 717-623-1843.

Thanks for your consideration!
Harrisburg Keystone Rotary

Carlisle Rotary Online Auction December 4 -13

The Rotary Club of Carlisle and the Rotary Club of Carlisle-Sunrise are asking for your support of their annual holiday auction. The proceeds from this year’s auction will benefit the Arc of Cumberland & Perry Counties (CPARC), a 501 (c) (3) organization that provides support, training, and opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities and their families. The goal is to match the $20,000 that was raised at last year’s auction that benefited the Domestic Violence Services of Cumberland and Perry Counties. Click here for the auction brochure
The auction is open to the public and provides an excellent opportunity to advertise for your organization or business by donating gift cards or certificates for services. It is also an excellent way to donate items that you might want to get out of your attic such as handcrafted Items, artwork and collectibles. To donate an item or to learn more about the auction, please contact Bill Blankmeyer at or (717) 590-7229.

The auction runs from 4 to 13 December and is a great way to do your Christmas shopping and to support CPARC. Click here to view the auction site!
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