A Message From the Governor

Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves.
The third in a series of brief reflections on the Rotary International Vision Statement
A World
Just recently we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, the first time any human had stood on another world. But as remarkable as that event was what I remember most from that whole period was the earlier flights from the Kennedy Space Center and, above all, that remarkable photograph of Earth taken from the module which was the first time any of us had seen our planet as a whole from a distance. There it was, splendid in its suspension in the midst of the black space which surrounded it, a remarkable view of our world which took your breath away for its beauty and its wonder.
Our Rotary Vision Statement says we see “a world” and that, in itself it true, for “a world” is different from “the world” for who can say whether, in this vast expanse of universe, there are other worlds apart from ours. But what we do know is that, moon landings aside, this is the only world we have for now, the only world on which we live and the only world which we will ever call earth. Which means that this world is not only our home but it is also our responsibility. And we Rotarians take this responsibility seriously. When we see our world we see its beauty and its astounding, almost breath taking, uniqueness. But we also see that which mars that beauty – the poverty, the hunger, the daily difficulty of living, the wars and conflicts and the disasters, both human and natural, which cause so much suffering. And having seen these things in our world we respond in ways that only Rotarians can do. This is not always easy but we have not been deterred to date and we will not be put off by the future. Sometimes the problems and the issues in our world seem to be getting larger and more out of our control. But our commitment to our world is such that we will not loose heart but will continue until we have achieved our goals.
For we have made this world of ours some promises. We have promised that we will defeat this insidious disease called Polio. We have promised to help communities throughout our world to have clean water or sanitation or economic development to help them in the future. We have promised to help resolve the many conflicts which plague our world and to bring reconciliation. We have promised to bring hope for the children of our world and for their future. This world is our world and together we see this world and promise that when we are done, this world of ours will be left in a just a little bit better shape than when we came into it.

Registration for the Harrisburg, Oct. 12, 2019, RLI is now open!

What is RLI?

A leadership and development program to strengthen Rotary Clubs through education, collaboration and the exchange of ideas among its future leaders. A three-part curriculum facilitated by experienced, trained faculty members engaging participants through open discussion, problem-solving and creative role-play.

The Rotary Leadership Institute is an opportunity to meet with other Rotarians, share experiences, and learn new skills to take back to your club. You don't have to be in the leadership chain to benefit from this institute. If you want to learn more about this wonderful organization that we call Rotary and find out what you can actually do to start changing the world, PLEASE place this event on your schedule.
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When can I attend RLI? 
Saturday, October 12, 2019, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Central Pennsylvania College (600 Valley Road, Summerdale, PA 17093).
What will I learn at RLI?
More about Rotary, The Rotary Foundation, Membership, Ethics, Service Projects, Communications, Strategic Planning, and Analysis. You’ll also make new friends, and enjoy fellowship and networking opportunities.
Course Levels: Parts I, II, III, and Graduate
Where can I find more information about RLI?
Questions? Contact PDG Hector Ortiz, RLI Site Chair at  or 717-608-0444.
Please register NOW for the Oct. 12, 2019 Harrisburg Site at

Rotary District 7390 Instagram Account

Rotary District 7390 now has an instagram account! Check it out at rotarydistrict7390!  We are looking for pictures to post w/captions - action shots are the best, as well as followers to help push the info out.  Please send all pictures to Mary Brunski (Carlisle Rotary Club) at 

Meet Me in the Middle of the River

The "Meet Me in the Middle of the River" meeting was held on the Millersburg Ferryboat on the Susquehanna River. There were 25 people all together, from Perry County, Millersburg, and Susquehanna Township. 

RYLA Students attend Club meeting

Two RYLA students, Bobby Chan and Sophia Shienvold, members of the Susquehanna Township club’s Interact program, and selected by the Rotary Club of Susquehanna Township to attend the June 2019 event at Messiah College, gave a great powerpoint presentation showcasing selected highlights of the event to the Rotary club members on August 8th.  Gary Crissman, RYLA District Chair, shared additional information about RYLA and he commended the two students, as to his knowledge, they were the very first RYLA participants to create a powerpoint presentation for their sponsoring club.  Also in the picture with the banner is club member and assistant governor Dan Fuller. 

18th Annual Neffsville Car Show

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