Dear Rotarians,
May is Youth Services Month. I hope all clubs in District 7390 have had the joy of working with our youth! There are many opportunities. Such as Rotary Youth Exchange, Student of the Month, Dictionary projects, Interact, and Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). Club involvement with youth is a great investment in our future. A former RYLA student, Corey Graybill, just joined the Rotary Club of Eastern York County this month. He remembered the impact that                         
Rotary made on him as a high school student and now wants to give back. Wow – you never know how important our programs are to others and here is one great example.
I have two extraordinary requests that I hope you will heed: (1) find the postcard I gave you during my club official visit in the fall and mail it back to me with any words about what Rotary meant to you this year; (2) make a contribution to The Rotary Foundation this month, large or small, so that we can achieve 100% giving! Remember, this year marks the 100th anniversary of The Rotary Foundation. We are on our way to a record year of giving.
I do not abdicate my responsibility to write a longer message in the monthly newsletter often, but when I see something better than I would write, I am compelled to share it. So below you will find PDG (now President of the RC of West Shore) Chuck Cenkner’s weekly letter to his club. Every week his message is so well said, but please read below and see if the shoe fits you and your club. It did for me. Enjoy this month’s beauty and I hope to see you at the Multi-District Conference.
In Rotary,
Kevin Cogan
2016-17 District 7390 Governor
There are many things that happen every day in our lives that are such a positive note.  In fact, the mere fact that I am able to awake, sit up and put one foot in front of the other on the floor is a true blessing and greatly taken for granted so much of the time. The fact that this world is still around and functioning after so much physical abuse is amazing.  Even though we have been poor stewards of such a creation is unforgiveable. Yet, the fact that the sun continues to shine, although not so bright on some days as others, is still wonderful. Think of the seasons of the year and how everything melds together and how we take it all for granted with other everyday things as well.
How can we be so negative when everything is really so beautiful?  Change is constant by design of our Creator and it all fits so magnificently. Does that mean that trials, troubles and woes will not come our way? No, not hardly, but every storm is only temporary and there are but greater things to come. So it is with Rotary and the future. With a concentration on the positive things we have going for us, the challenges are no more than opportunities to make a difference in Rotary and the world.
We have concentrated on making our Club more in tune with the times and have made some adjustments.  Now comes the opportunity to strengthen that effort and build upon it; but, we also have the greater opportunity for all to become involved and participate to assure success in the upcoming Rotary year.  Are you willing to go up? Are you willing to work on the Club? Are you willing to be more than a RINO? Are you willing to be more involved? Will you volunteer to serve with your fellow Club members one day a month? The Club Officers need to hear from you as you express your willingness to make a difference.
It is a beautiful world filled with many positive attributes and you have chosen to be one of those willing to make a difference. Congratulations on taking that first step to making that difference your Rotary Club and our world. Come join us and be excited for the things to come!
President Chuck Cenkner
Polio Plus Chair D7390